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SOFiE - Safe Online File Exchange

The SOFiE application is designed for the safe exchange of files of any size and type. It offers a top-level of security for sending and receiving files, both within your company and when communicating with external partners. The protection and security of data in the SOFiE application achieve a level that cannot be reached by regular use of email, FTP servers, or public cloud services. At the same time, the application provides a simple and comfortable interface for users. In other words, SOFiE is the best and safe way to exchange files online, including sensitive information, and sets a new standard for security and convenience in digital communication.

Example of the SOFiE application usage inside a company

Example of the SOFiE application usage inside a company

Why do you need the SOFiE application?

  • You need an easy way to send or receive files that are too large for email.
  • You want maximum assurance that the files you receive are safe and do not contain viruses or other malicious code.
  • You cannot afford to upload your files with sensitive data to the cloud, where you would lose full control over them.
  • Your users desire a simple web interface that is easy to use.
  • You require detailed logs with an audit of all transfers, actions, and events.

If one or more of these points describe your needs, the SOFiE application is the right solution for you.

Full Control Over Data

Unlike publicly available data sharing services, SOFiE allows you to maintain full control over your uploaded data and files. The application can be deployed in your own environment on your own infrastructure. This way, you do not face the risk of entrusting your sensitive files to a third party.

The Application Includes Detailed Activity Auditing

SOFiE contains a detailed audit log of all actions and processes within the application, including user logins, sending, and receiving files. These logs can be sent to a central syslog or SIEM.

Compliant with NÚKIB recommendations

SOFiE includes security technologies and processes that help fulfill the recommendations for administrators.

Main features

Integrated file protection Integrated file protection using anti-virus engines and Sandboxes, which detect even Zero-Day threats.
Clientless solution Clientless solution - users need only a web browser (no plugins or other software required for clients).
Adjustable file lifetime Adjustable file lifetime (automatic removal of files based on a user's or administrator's setting).
Encryption at rest Support for encrypting files in the application store - "encryption at rest".
API The application includes an API for integration into third-party applications.
Data integrity checks Support for one-time and regular data integrity checks to detect possible file corruption.

Problems with e-mail attachments

Attachment size problem

Most e-mail servers limit the size of attachments to less than a 50 MB (often even 5 MB or 10 MB). E-mail communication is therefore not suitable for exchange of large files, which often exceed these size limits for attachments.

Attachment blocking problem

The security nowadays often requires using highly restrictive policies for attachments allowed in e-mails. Such policies for example block executable files, documents containing macros and even archives containing such files.


The SOFiE application enables you to safely send and receive files, which are problematic in e-mail communication.

Safe Online File Exchange
Anonymous usersAnonymous
Logs and alertsLogs and alerts
Active directory Single Sign-OnActive directory Single Sign-On
Internal users with loginInternal users with login
Reporting and auditingReporting and auditing
MFA authentication (FIDO2, TOTP)MFA authentication (FIDO2, TOTP)
Defined administrator rolesDefined administrator roles
Backup and external storageBackup and external storage
SSL / TLS certificatesSSL / TLS certificates
API (DLP, Antivirus, Sandbox)API (other integration options)


  • Support for file encryption in storage „encryption at rest".
  • Data transfers are encrypted using HTTPS / TLS by default.
  • Option for multi-factor authentication (MFA - FIDO2 and TOTP).
  • Integration of single sign-on (SSO) with ADFS and OpenID Connect providers.
  • Support for one-time and regular data integrity checks.
  • Support for password policies, including prevention of the use of known leaked passwords.
  • Spam protection (CAPTCHA).
  • Login restrictions from configurable IP address ranges.
  • Logging of all system activities.
  • Option to export logs to remote syslog for external processing (SIEM support).
  • Antivirus scanning of files.
  • Optional file inspection using sandboxing engine (prevention of zero-day malware).
  • Option to convert files into a safe form - Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR).

Penetration tests


The security of the application is repeatedly verified through penetration tests conducted by NETHEMBA corporation.

Platform and deployment

  • The SOFiE application can be deployed:
    1. locally in the customer's environment (ON-PREMISE)
      • Installation as a virtual machine (VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen.)
      • Installation on a physical server (RHEL, CentOS, Rocky Linux).
    2. in a cloud environment
      • Run the application in a public cloud: AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, and others.
      • Pre-installed image available at AWS Marketplace.
  • Thanks to this flexibility, the application can be deployed and operated in a way that suits the specific needs and environment of each customer.

Supported platforms

SOFiE part of DMZ SOFiE in the cloud


Application on your own serverApplication on your own server Cloud versionCloud version
Nová verze SOFiE


  • Content Disarm and Reconstruction - support for converting compatible documents/files into a safe form (clean PDF without active elements).
  • Support for OpenID Connect (OIDC) for user login to the application. This allows for integration with Azure AD or Google.
  • Option to block access to the application based on various source attributes (IP, reverse record, geolocation, User-Agent header).
  • Option for generating random passwords for packages directly in the form.
  • Support for offline installation (in an environment completely without the Internet).
Release notes

Important references of SOFiE application

Directorate of Roads and Motorways of the Czech Republic
Penta Investments
“Thanks to the deployment of SOFiE, we have achieved a very pleasant and secure data sharing with external users. At the same time, we can enforce and audit security sharing policies.”

Application examples

User screens

Administrator screens

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